Space photos, Partizan and Defunctland

View of Ecuador taken during ISS Expedition 7

Sorry I’ve not been posting Monday updates for a bit! Preparing for Black Friday and then having Black Friday was a lot.

  • Defunctland has a great new video out about the Disney Channel 4-note sting that plays at the end of their self-promo commercials. This, like most Defunctland videos, sounds kind of boring. It’s actually extremely interesting. I know it’s hard to sell a 1 and a half hour YouTube documentary about the Disney channel but I swear to god this is worth it.
  • I finally caught up with Friends at the Table. Now is a good time to jump in with Partizan, since the sequel season, Palisade, is starting soon. It’s a mech anime actual play podcast, meaning they play a Dungeons and Dragons style game that tells a story. If you like giant robots, drama and feelings, it’s a great jumping in point.
  • I found a whole bunch of public domain photos of Earth taken from on board the ISS space station. They’re all public domain, so you can use them for whatever.

I don’t have anything else, I’ve been super busy! Hope everyone’s having a great December so far.

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