Musopen, Eli Lilly impersonation, and more

Illustrations of several butterfly varieties. From Transactions of the Zoological Society of London. Archived by the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
  • The Biodiversity Heritage Library has an AMAZING Flickr page. I recommend viewing it by albums.
  • I started playing Odd Giants, a fan remake of Tiny Speck’s Glitch, my favorite game of all time. I haven’t done a ton in it yet but it looks really promising.
  • Last week Cool People Who Did Cool Stuff did two episodes on Baba Yaga, which was really interesting.
  • Kate Compton is running a Tracery bot donation drive, if you want to donate your bot’s code to be used by researchers and other good actors.
  • If you are on Twitter, you saw this already, but if you aren’t Eli Lilly was forced to issue a correction after an impersonator claimed that insulin would be free now.
  • I decided not to let Elon Musk ruin Iain Banks books for me and reread Player of Games. I was surprised at how affecting it was, and how relevant.
  • I found Musopen a while back while looking for background music for some of my streams. There’s some nice royalty free recordings of various public domain classical music pieces. (Most classical music is in the public domain, but recordings aren’t.)
  • Jenny Nicholson has a new video out. It’s 4 hours and it’s about a Utah theme park you’ve never heard of but it’s great.
  • Here’s an economics professor saying the word “beef” 125 times.

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